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"Ali Lewis took a bland, nondescript space and transformed it into a beautiful, well appointed living area. She made affordable decorating attainable and the results were amazing!"
G. Brokenborough

"Thank you for working with me during the sale of the house! I appreciate your creativity in a challenging environment!"

S. Enlow

"I absolutely one hundred percent love the design that Ali Lewis Interiors put together. She was professional. Ali worked with my budget.  She allowed me to keep the things that I absolutely loved and she allowed my personality in the design. She didn't come in and take it over and tell me what I needed. She let me keep the things that let my personality shine through and I absolutely love that! I'm so overwhelmed with what the space looks like!  I'm just so excited and I look forward to having her come and do the rest of my house! I have multiple rooms that can be done.  I'm just really really excited!"

A. Gibbs

"Ali was on time and very personable. Moving from a much larger home, I could not see how some of my larger art pieces were going to fit and having changed my furniture how the varying colors would work. We also mixed traditional furniture with African art and I was concerned it wouldn’t blend well. Well, Ali is a visual person and was able to help me see how they all worked together. She displayed most of my art and statues in 2 rooms and a hallway. She was willing to hang the art and her measurements to ensure proper placement was spot on. She also provided a bit of education on where and how to hang other art I had yet to unearth or hang. Sometimes you get what you pay for. In this case, she offered her service at a good value but the return was priceless. After we finish unpacking, I would call upon her again. If I know anyone that could use her help she’d be the only one I recommend."
​A. Bowles

"Ali did a great job on my master bathroom makeover. Before, it was kind of bland.  Now, it feels bigger, brighter, refreshing, and luxurious like a hotel suite.  I'm glad I decided to get it done!"

R. Franklin

"Ali was very helpful.  I gave her a few ideas of what I would like and she exceeded my expectations.  She is professional, reliable, and handy.  I will definitely use her for future projects."

J. Myers

"Ali's attention to detail was amazing! She was able to turn a house with plain white walls into a home with a warm feeling attached to it.  Ali was able to help me think outside of the box when it came to design and pattern. I love her excitement and vision.  Being able to see the design and floor plan of the living room with the ideas worked into it was very helpful.  I can't wait to start the next project."

K. Williams

​"I had no idea what to do with my walk-in closet.  Ali came through with some great ideas and made it happen. Thank you very much."

T. Mobley

"Ali was knowledgeable and professional.  She was very vibrant about sharing ideas to meet my needs."

L. Chandler

​"She was AWESOME and the rooms wouldn't have come together without her. My brain wouldn't have went there. We all love the rooms." 

K. Johnson

"My fiance and I had a wonderful experience working with Ali. She came out to our home to do a consultation with us.  We loved her ideas.  It was spot on with what we were looking for."

M. & D. Carter

"I could not be happier with my space! Ali did a wonderful job defining our living space and bringing some much needed design help and Feng shui. The quality of work was awesome!"

​Megan B.


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