This is an online service that allows me to shop and help you style your home whether you're in Philadelphia or anywhere in the US.  All communication is conducted through email.  E-Design is more affordable than traditional in home decorating, faster, and more convenient.  I'll hunt around online and in catalogs for the perfect pieces to compliment your space and email you a detailed Shopping List with clickable links and detailed Instructions.  Then you'll order the items and when they arrive you'll use the detailed Instructions to help you pull the look together.   
Minimal Furniture & Accessories Pkg. $150 per room

Full Room Makeover Pkg.  $250 per room

Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey


Guided Decor Shopping Trip

I'll accompany you on a Personal Shopping trip to some of my favorite stores. Instead of being overwhelmed and struggling with making selections for your home, I'll be right by your side making suggestions and helping you pick the perfect pieces to compliment your space. You'll avoid frustration and uncertainty while saving time, money, and costly mistakes.  

*Charged at an hourly rate

Let's Get Your Project Started!!

Design Consulting

Are you planning or in the middle of a renovation and need professional design advice?  This service is designed to help you with space planning, selecting flooring, and finishes for your kitchen and bathrooms. You'll also be able to ask any design questions you'd like regarding the aesthetics and functionality of any room(s) in your home to receive recommendations.

*Charged at an hourly rate



Full Service Decorating 

Design Consulting

Home Staging


Interior Decorating 

Do you have an empty room(s) that needs decorating or in need of a complete overhaul, but you don't know where to start, where to shop, feel overwhelmed, or just don't have the time? Don't struggle with making furniture and decorative accent selections for your home. I'd love to help!

Get your project started with an In Home Consultation. During our time together, I'll listen closely as we discuss your desires, style, colors and much more. I'll also, tour the space, take measurements, photos of the space, and provide you with an estimate for your project. We'll get in depth, so I can transform your room into a space that speaks to your style and meets your needs. A design board and sample materials will be presented to you after the design work has been completed, so you'll be able to visualize the room(s) before your new furnishings are purchased and installed.

Home Staging + ReDesign


By reusing and rearranging the furnishings you already have and making the most of your decorative accents, I'll help you to see your space in a whole new light. If additional furnishing and decorative accessories are needed to complete the look and feel of your space, I'll shop and install them for you.

Paint  & Color Consulting

Are you tired of the colors on the walls in your home?  Want to make a color change, paint an accent wall, or try something fun and bold, but can't decide on which colors to choose? Not sure what would look good with your decor or overwhelmed with the many options out there? Get Paint and Color Scheme suggestions for any room you choose.

Space Planning

My team will arrange new furnishings or rearrange your existing furnishings in your space to create a functional and cohesive furniture layout and room with consideration of scale, use, and flow.

*Charged at an hourly rate

"Ali was amazing to work with. She was very professional and explained the process from start to finish. She cares so much about her work and your satisfaction. She transformed our space into something that you’d see on only the highest quality interior design shows. I would highly recommend her! I’ve used her for work purposes and loved her professionalism and experience within her craft that I decided she was certainly the one I needed to use in my personal home as well."

A. Weber

"Ali was a pleasure to work with to get my first home in order. I know I needed a professional to help me with this project who could join the ideas of not only my own but my partner's as well. I appreciate Ali's patience, attention to detail, and passion throughout the process. In the end, the overwhelming joy my partner and I had at the beautiful work done was a memorable experience and for that we will definitely recommend and work with Ali again."

M. Fontus

"Ali Lewis took a bland, nondescript space and transformed it into a beautiful, well appointed living area. She made affordable decorating attainable and the results were amazing!"

G. Brokenborough

"I absolutely one hundred percent love the design that Ali Lewis Interiors put together. She was professional. Ali worked with my budget.  She allowed me to keep the things that I absolutely loved and she allowed my personality in the design. She didn't come in and take it over and tell me what I needed. She let me keep the things that let my personality shine through and I absolutely love that! I'm so overwhelmed with what the space looks like!  I'm just so excited and I look forward to having her come and do the rest of my house! I have multiple rooms that can be done.  I'm just really really excited!"

A. Gibbs

"Ali's attention to detail was amazing! She was able to turn a house with plain white walls into a home with a warm feeling attached to it.  Ali was able to help me think outside of the box when it came to design and pattern. I love her excitement and vision.  Being able to see the design and floor plan of the living room with the ideas worked into it was very helpful.  I can't wait to start the next project."

K. Williams

"I could not be happier with my space! Ali did a wonderful job defining our living space and bringing some much needed design help and Feng shui. The quality of work was awesome!"
​Megan B.

​"She was AWESOME and the rooms wouldn't have come together without her. My brain wouldn't have went there. We all love the rooms." 

K. Johnson